10.1 – Qualitative analysis of repertory grids: Interpretive clustering

Volume 10, Number 1, April 2022

Qualitative analysis of repertory grids: Interpretive clustering
by Viv Burr & Nigel King
Translation by Alessia Ranieri e Elena Rigon

In this discussion paper, we present a new form of qualitative analysis of repertory grid data that we have called “Interpretive Clustering”. Although numerous existing publications report having performed qualitative analyses of repertory grid data, upon inspection this is usually a content analysis of constructs. In our research, used as an illustrative example here, we explored people’s constructions of nature through images of outdoor spaces using repertory grids. Through visual inspection we used patterns of responses across constructs in each participant’s grid to identify construct “clusters”; these clusters are therefore constituted by constructs that hold implications for each other and are examples of “constellatory construing”. We would like to invite comments from academics and practitioners on both the process and potential usefulness of Interpretive Clustering.

Keywords: repertory grid, clustering, qualitative analysis, interpretive analysis.