10.1 – The experience of love and romantic choices

Volume 10, Number 1, April 2022

The experience of love and romantic choices
by Anna Celli e Giovanna Malangone
Transalation by Marta Casarin e Elisa Cappellari

We have found ourselves quite often involved in conversations with our clients about romantic love. Considering how crucially important love choices are in people’s lives, we try to approach and comprehend the theme of romantic love within the perspective of hermeneutic constructivism, focusing on the relational aspect inherent in our way of experiencing and transcending the ‘I-you’ dichotomy. Thus, referring to the theoretical framework of Kelly’s Psychology of Personal Constructs according to which subjectivity is essentially ‘relational’, we will be able to explore the love experience in romantic relationships in terms of elaborative choice.

Keywords: hermeneutic constructivism, romantic love, romantic relationships, elaborative choice.