10.2 – Learning to navigate the imponderable: interview with Massimo Giliberto

Volume 10, Number 1, November 2022

Learning to navigate the imponderable: interview with Massimo Giliberto
by Miriam Martinello, Giulia Piovan e Francesca Pistonesi

Massimo Giliberto, psychologist and psychotherapist, is Director and Professor of Institute of Constructivist Psychology (ICP) of Padua. Besides teaching, he works as private psychotherapist and counselor for companies. Previously he held the roles of prison psychologist, consultant at Padua Military Hospital and Honorary Judge at the Juvenile Court of Venice.
Author of several publications, he’s dedicated to spreading the constructivist approach both as a member of various e-journals (Journal of Constructivist Psychology and Personal Construct Theory & Practice) and as Editor-in-chief of Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo. Furthermore, willing to create an international network among constructivist schools, he’s Trainer of the Serbian Constructivist Association (SKA) and co-founder of the European Constructivist Therapy Network (ECTN).
Interested in the development of new learning contexts, he identified sailing – one of his greatest passions – as a useful tool for training. Since then, he’s been a group trainer in Outdoor Training on a sailboat.

Keywords: sailing boat, outdoor training, steerage, metaphor, constructivist