7.1 – Intervista (English)

Frontespizio_vol_2_1_2014_miniVolume 7, Number 1, April 2019

An interview with Pam Denicolo: a boundary-crosser researcher. (English original version)
by Lucia Andreatta, Elena Bordin
For nearly 40 years in professional, postgraduate and science education Professor Pam Denicolo has used constructivist approaches and methods to underpin her work as a teacher and researcher and as a supervisor of 60+ successful doctoral researchers. In the last 20 years she has progressively focussed on issues related to doctoral and professional education, establishing at Reading University both a Graduate School and a Centre for Interprofessional Education and Training while serving as executive officers on many related national and international committees and boards. Currently she concentrates on international consultancy for the development of doctoral education and on two of her greatest joys, running workshops and writing books for researchers at all levels in the HE system on research methods and researcher development.

Key words:: boundary-crosser researcher, PCP methodology, research, teaching.