Institute of Constructivist Psychology
Via Martiri della Libertà 13, Padova
Tel./fax +39 049 8751669

In partnership with:

Centre for Research and Documentation (CRDC)
Since its foundation, the Institute of Constructivist Psychology has tried to play an active part in the European and global network of Constructivism, and to spread, throughout Italy, its theoretical and practical model supported by its Centre for Research and Documentation. Founded in 2007, the Centre aims to be a reference point for all those scholars interested in conducting research within the theoretical and methodological framework of Constructivism and the Psychology of Personal Constructs.

Italian Constructivist Society (SCI)
The Italian Constructivist Society is a scientific society dedicated to the dissemination and implementation of the constructivist approach. It advances cultural and scientific projects which enhance the person and promote a cultural debate within the constructivist environment and related disciplines.