How we started

A brief introduction:

The epistemological framework of Constructivism developed in the first half of the 20th century and it is still one of the most exciting and cutting-edge theories about knowledge, becoming a common denominator of many disciplines. However, in Italy, despite its huge potential, this theory is not completely widespread in the scientific community. For this reason, we have been discussing for a long time the idea of creating a journal to promote Constructivism in our country, with the aim of giving voice to researchers and professionals who recognize themselves in these theoretical principles and who use them in different contexts and activities. After a long gestation period, in November 2012, the first concrete basis for the project of an Italian scientific journal entirely devoted to Constructivism was finally realized. Our intention is to disseminate this approach in its various forms, with the idea that publishing in Italian will reach more people in our country. The Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo aims both at giving voice to Italian constructivists and publishing articles written by foreign authors, which will be translated into Italian. Although it comes originally from the area of psychology, the final publication is opened to contributions from all those disciplines in which Constructivism is now widespread. All potential published articles, except those translated from other foreign journals of recognized prestige, have to undergo a process of peer review by a group of national and international referees. On the website you can see the rules for the preparation of manuscripts and the guidelines for the compilation of the bibliography. To download in PDF click here. _________________________________________________________________________

Padua, may 2013