The Journal

The Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo is an online journal dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Constructivism. This non-profit initiative, nurturing social and cultural promotion, will provide a platform in Italy for contributions of theoretical, empirical and methodological interest, developed within this epistemological matrix. The aim is to give voice to Italian constructivists, but also to publish translated articles written by foreign authors. The Journal houses work related to all those branches of knowledge in which constructivism features: from clinical psychology to artificial intelligence, from educational practice to the analysis of social and linguistic phenomena, from the organizational studies to life-sciences. Indeed, internationally there are many scholars and practitioners whose work is based on the constructivist paradigm, adapting it to different settings and purposes. Inspired by the interest and the passion of a group of psychologists, the Journal offers a privileged space to papers developed in the field of the Personal Construct Theory of G.A. Kelly, fulfilling and implementing the assumptions of the Constructivism itself within the field of psychology. In order to maintain high standards of scientific quality, originality and clinical or applied evidence, all manuscripts submitted by the authors are sized up through a peer-review process, carried out by a group of national and international referees, with the exception of translated articles originating in foreign, professionally recognized, journals. The Journal is biannual, free, and available in electronic format only; you can access and download it with a simple subscription.