Institute of Constructivist Psychology

SCI Italian Constructivist Society.
CRDC Centre for Documentation and Research at ICP – Institute of Constructivist Psychology.

Scientific Journals that deal with Constructivism
Personal Construct Theory and Practice Online Journal dedicated to Personal Construct  Psychology.

Costructivist Foundations Inter-disciplinary Journal that promotes the discussion between contemporary constructivist approaches.

Journal of Constructivist Psychology Journal that deals with Constructivist Psychology.

Constructivism in the Human Sciences Journal about Constructivism applied to Human Sciences.

Other websites of interest
Il Costruttivismo e la Didattica Site that combines Constructivism as a theory of knowledge and technique of Didactics.

Pragma Journal Journal of Higher Education that deals also with Constructivist Didactics.

The Taos Institute Community of scholars and practitioners concerned with the social processes essential for the construction of reason, knowledge, and human value.

C.I.D.D.O. Centro Internazionale Di Didattica Operativa The International Centre of Operational Didactics presents itself as a permanent laboratory dedicated to the study, research and education in the didactic field, following the theories developed by Silvio Ceccato and Giuseppe Vaccarino.

ScuolaFilosofica Analytic philosophy portal which offers a meeting point between people interested in discussing different ideas and opinions.

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