8.2 – Interview

Volume 8, Number 2, October 2020

The art of listening: an Interview with Marianella Sclavi
by Federica Cristaudo, Camilla Farinelli, Giulia Marcon e Claudia Scalise

Marianella Sclavi is an expert in “The Art of Listening and Creative Management of Conflicts” and their applications in participatory methodologies. She is graduated in sociology. She lived in New York from 1984 to 1992, where she wrote two books: “A una spanna da terra” and “La signora va nel Bronx”, in which she experimented and she proposed an ethnographic narrative guided by “a humorous methodology”. She taught Urban Ethnography at the Politecnico in Milan from 1993 to 2008. She worked as a consultant in various participatory processes and the conflict situations. In 2008, she founded the consulting company on participatory processes “Active Listening”, based in Milan. Since 2005, she has collaborated with the Consensus Builing Institute of MIT (Boston) and since 2009 with the Master in Conflict Resolution and Governance, University of Amsterdam. In Italy, she has been a teacher since the foundation (in 2002) of the IUAV Specialization Course: “Participatory Local Action and Public Debate”, which in 2020 became a ProPart Master.

Parole chiave: active listening, humor, conflict management, constructivism.