9.1 – Euclidean distance in the repertory grid technique

Volume 9, Number 1, Aprile 2021

Euclidean distance in the repertory grid technique: a study of distances between ele-ments in a sample of battered women
by Jesús Garcia-Martínez, Ángeles Payán-Bravo e Rafael Moreno-Rodríguez

In this study, Euclidean distance was used to analyse the construct of “male-female” elements and those “supportive or non-supportive” in a sample of battered women (N=25). The main aim was to study the differences in subjective similarity (Euclidean distance) according to different structural indexes in the repertory grid. The sample was divided into two groups using the mean as the criterion for dichotomizing groups as high- low. Symptomatology was also used as a factor for distributing the sample. Between-group differences were calculated with the Student’s-t. Women in the high-polarization group considered themselves different from their partner and also from other aggressive men. Women in the low-intensity group considered themselves and their partners as different from cooperative-helpful men.

Keywords: Euclidian distances, repertory grid technique, intimate partner violence.