9.2 – “Under construction” identity. Feminine Gender Dysphoria in adolescence from a PCP point of view

This contribution intends to offer a concise review of the state of the art on Gender Dysphoria, with a specific focus on therapy with three adolescent girls. The interest is aimed at understanding how the experience of a body that differs from gender felt to be one’s own ranks – and with what implications – with respect to the construction of oneself, others and the world. Unlike other approaches on the national scene, the PCP contribution lies in proposing an alternative look at the conditions for the intervention. The assumption is that symptom does not represent the starting point for the correct nosographic framework and the accompanying planning along the transition path, but the most elaborative choice in light of possibilities and constraints of the construction system. Considering this premise, a professional understanding of discomfort will be attempted and hypotheses about work’s direction will be prospected for the purpose of change.
Keywords: gender dysphoria, adolescence, choice, transitive diagnosis, psychotherapy.