For Authors

In this page you can find all the guidelines which the Authors have to follow in order to submit the manuscripts.

A complete PDF version of the guidelines and of the citations and references criteria may be downloaded here


The Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo publishes articles of theoretical, empirical and methodological interest related to different branches of knowledge developed within the constructivist epistemological matrix. Furthermore, it promotes book reviews that encourage its dissemination and critical analysis.
Authors are requested not to submit the same manuscript to different journals simultaneously for consideration.
It is possible to submit manuscripts previously published upon authorization of the publisher.

The authors, as well as the journal, do not receive any remuneration for the publication of the articles.

Procedure for submission

Papers should be sent to the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo via e-mail:

For each manuscript three documents are required:
1. Paper in anonymous form including: – Title, abstract and keywords in English and Italian – Paper in Italian – References.
2. Authors’ data, according to the format provided
3. Release for the Publication, available for single author

Documents must be in Microsoft Word 97-2003 format (file extension “.doc”) and named according to the following format:
1. Paper: paper title without spaces (eg. Originofconstructivism.doc)
2. Author’s data: article title without spaces, hyphen “data” (eg. Originofconstructivism-data.doc)
3. Release for the Publication: release hyphen author’s surname (eg. release-xxxxx)

Evaluation of manuscripts

Submitted manuscripts undergo an initial evaluation by the editorial board which considers the scientific standards and adherence to editorial guidelines; if formal adjustments should be required, authors may be contacted before proceeding further.
Manuscripts are then anonymously submitted to the evaluation of two members of the Group of Reviewers (Peer Review Process), which includes scholars and researchers in the constructivist environment – national and international. Exceptions are made for translated articles belonging to other foreign journals of recognized status.
Their favorable or unfavorable opinion of the publication and any suggestion for the review will be communicated to authors in written form and anonymously, and if accepted, the manuscript must be revised, if necessary, and resubmitted to the Editor for a final review.


Manuscript should not exceed 7.000 words. Book Review should not exceed 1.500 words.

The language is Italian, but manuscripts can be submitted in Italian or English.

Title, abstract and keywords
Title in capitals, optionally subtitle in small letters.
Include an abstract of 150 words and 5 keywords
Title, abstract and keywords are in Italian and English.

Page lay-out
Page size: A4.
Margins: top 2,5 cm; bottom 2 cm; right 2 cm; left 2 cm.
Page numbers: use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, …) at the bottom center of the page.
Title of the paper and author: Corbel 14 for the title, Corbel 12 for the author.
Text: Corbel 11, single space, single-column.
Footnotes: Corbel 9, single space. Use Arabic numerals. Avoid footnotes as possible.
Format: justified text. No first line indents.
Title paragraphs: use bold and italics font. Use Arabic numerals.
Bold font: only for titles; italics: foreign words or emphasis; no underlining.

Figures, tables and graphics
Embed figures, tables and graphics:
– in the text at the appropriate point (with a caption in Corbel 10);
– as separate attachments: “.jpeg” (figures and graphics) or “.doc” (tables).
If authors use copyrighted material they must obtain the permission from the respective copyright holder.


Citations and References must be prepared according to APA Style. See:

  • – American Psychological Association (APA) website:
  • – Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.